Scott Sadler, PGA Class-A Instructor, teaches a series of body movements to create one complete in sync body motion– the golf swing! His ability to translate the complex mechanics of the golf swing creates a relaxed learning atmosphere encouraging natural body fluidity. First time beginner’s will make ball contact, and ball flight. Experienced players will go from bogey to par. Useful instruction will be given that you can take away with you and apply to your swing and game.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign – Urbana, and certified by the PGA of America as a Golf Professional, Sadler has also earned PGA certification as a Golf Psychology Instructor. He finished in the Top 5% of PGA Business School and completed the PGA Advanced Professional Training Program.

An Illinois native, Scott has provided golf instruction in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Whidbey Island in Washington as well as Alicante, Spain and Chennai, India. He now lives in Chicago and teaches at the Diversey Driving Range. Scott has been teaching golf for 25 years and maintains a competitive golf game.

Scott enhances his teaching insight through his competitive playing ability, bringing proven experiences to his golf instruction. He plays in Illinois PGA tournaments and qualified for the 2005 Illinois Open. Twice a Q-School competitor, his playing ability has privileged him to participate in PGA tournaments in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Washington, California, and Illinois.

Scott enjoys teaching golf, playing golf, and continues to embrace the challenges that unfold golf’s multifaceted wonders.